The Centro Nacional de Genotipado (CeGen) is a technological platform created in 2003 that currently belongs to the "Plataforma de Recursos Biomoleculares-PRB3", one of the "Plataformas de apoyo a la investigación en ciencias y tecnologías de la salud" supported by "Acción Estratégica de Salud-Instituto de Salud Carlos IIII" (CeGen-PRB3-ISCIII ). It has two genotyping units, located at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (Madrid) and the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Santiago de Compostela) and directed by Dr. Javier Benítez and Dr. Ángel Carracedo, respectively.

Its main goal is to perform large-scale genotyping services -SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), CNVs (Copy Number Variations) and InDels (Insertions and Deletions)- and methylation analysis, both in human and any other species, at high throughput and low cost.

The CeGen-PRB3-ISCIII has highly qualified professionals and the most advanced genotyping platforms -Open Array and TaqMan/Kaspar Genotyping Systems (Applied Biosystems), MassArray system (Agena Bioscience), iScan System (Illumina) and Genechip and GeneTitan technologies (ThermoFisher)-, living in a constant adaptation process to cope with new demands of researchers and companies, both at national and international level.


  • Support in variant selection and experimental design.
  • Technical support.


  • Whole-Genome Scan arrays: ThermoFisher and Illumina arrays containing from 100K to 5M SNP.
  • Custom genotyping arrays: OpenArray, TaqMan/Kaspar, Agena Bioscience, ThermoFisher and Illumina designs from 1 to 1.6 M SNP selected by the researcher.
  • Human pre-designed genotyping arrays: OncoScan panels (ThermoFisher and Illumina), Exome Arrays (ThermoFisher and Illumina), Cytogenetics Arrays (ThermoFisher and Illumina), PsychArray (Illumina), Immunoarray (Illumina), Multi-Ethnic Global-8 (Illumina), Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR-8(Illumina), Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS-8 (Illumina), Axiom CEU Array (ThermoFisher), Axiom Spain Biobank Array (ThermoFisher), Axiom Human Origins Array (ThermoFisher), Precision Medicine Research/Diversity Arrays (ThermoFisher).
  • Non-human pre-designed genotyping arrays: Bovine (ThermoFisher and Illumina), porcine (ThermoFisher and Illumina), canine (ThermoFisher and Illumina), ovine (ThermoFisher and Illumina), mouse (ThermoFisher), chicken (ThermoFisher), salmon (ThermoFisher), wheat (ThermoFisher), rice (ThermoFisher), lettuce (ThermoFisher), pepper (ThermoFisher), maize (ThermoFisher and Illumina) and strawberry (ThermoFisher) arrays.
  • Methylation arrays: Whole-genome methylation array interrogating 850K CpGs (Illumina) and custom panels-Epityper techonology (Agena Bioscience).


  • DNA extraction.
  • DNA quantification (PicoGreen, Qubit).
  • DNA normalization.
  • DNA purification.
  • DNA integrity test.


  • Quality control.
  • Support on computing tools.
  • Scientific support and data analysis.


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